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April Customer Spotlight, Eastchester Fish!

Updated: May 16, 2019

Located in the heart of Scarsdale, Eastchester Fish began as a retail fish market and expanded to include a neighborhood seafood house in 1987. Founded by Rick Ross in 1981, Eastchester Fish is a Scarsdale landmark, having served the community for over 30 years. Their attention to fresh, delicious and innovative cuisine is what keeps their customers coming back for more.

The Eastchester Fish team recently welcomed their newest piece of kitchen equipment, a Hoshizaki F-801MAJ Flaked Ice Machine. Hoshizaki flaked ice molds to any shape for convenient use in displays making it the perfect addition at Eastchester Fish Market! 

Stop in to check out their Monday Night Lobster Special, Thursday Night Raw Bar or anytime to get a good hearty meal!

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