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Getting the Most out of Your Rational SelfCookingCenter

Updated: May 20, 2019

Have you recently purchased a Rational SelfCookingCenter, or have you owned one for a while and you are looking for fresh new ideas on how to get the most out of your unit? Well we have broken it down to a list of important resources that will guide you in the right direction! 

ClubRational Chefs all over the world now have an online platform where they can compare notes and find tips on techniques or recipes. A simple sign up with give you access to hundreds of useful articles, recipes, videos and more! As a Club member, you’ll find out immediately about any new developments in the culinary professional world.

Here are some  great things that can be found in ClubRATIONAL:An entire library of operating and how-to videos.Free, downloadable software updates so that you can always have the latest technology.Rational ServiceCall, which will connect you to one of Rationals service partners within seconds.  The Rational Cookbook and recipe section which contains thousands of useful and delicious SelfCookingCenter recipes for any occassion!  Here are our top 3 favorite SelfCookingCenter recipes (click title for link):

Rational CookingLive Events

What better way to understand how a SelfCookingCenter works and how the food tastes, then attending a free live cooking demonstration. Here is what you can take from these events:

  • Putting the SelfCookingCenter® to the test before you invest.

  • A free opportunity to get to know RATIONAL better.

  • Speak to Rational experts in person and clarify any outstanding questions you may have.

Enjoy delicious food prepared by professional chefs using the SelfCookingCenter.

Follow this link to see if there are any events happening in your area!

Here are some useful links:

Customer Care Links

Rational Cook Book

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