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The Future of Food Bars: SerVue™ by Vollrath

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

The future of food bars is here: The Vollrath SerVue Touchless Refrigerated Slide In is a new and engaging way to serve customers while maintaining quality and freshness.

The SerVue fits into the same space as a traditional 4-well drop in while offering hassle free and efficient serving for customers and service professionals alike. Unlike other traditional units, the SerVue offers touchless service as sensors automatically dispense ingredients.

Customers no longer have to fumble with utensils or navigate breath guards in order to access the freshest foods. Service professionals will appreciate that ingredients are placed in sealed canisters, so stray food will not migrate, which helps minimize cross-contamination. At the end of the day, no teardown is necessary, as canisters are stored in the enclosed refrigeration chamber.

Unique Features

  • Self-contained refrigeration maintains safe food temperatures

  • 120V plug means no special wiring

  • Concealed touchscreen facilitates technician/operator-only use

  • Canisters that hold 306 or 172 US fluid ounces

  • Double glass doors showcase ingredients

  • Durable stainless steel construction

  • Integrated paddle wheels facilitate gentle dispensing

  • Condensation evaporator keeps excess moisture away

For more information please visit the SerVue landing page below here

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