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-Two pieces of equipment kitchens can't live without-


ivario (1).png



Looks like a tilting skillet, but does so much more. Boiling, pan frying, deep-frying, pressure-cooking... The iVario Pro can replace practically all other conventional appliances. Because it has the power, thanks to one-of-a-kind heating technology blending performance with precision. Because it has intelligent cooking assistants that learn, support, and plan ahead. Because it’s up to four times faster than conventional appliances, while using up to 40% less energy and saving a great deal of space.


In short: because it can. Exceptional food quality without time-consuming checking and monitoring.

That’s me. The new kid in town. I’m experienced. I plan ahead, I learn from you, I never forget anything, I pay attention, I adjust. Once I know the results you’re looking for, I adjust humidity, airspeed and temperature automatically. In other words, I’m intelligent enough to dynamically react to your needs.


Left the cooking cabinet door open too long? Steaks thicker than usual? An extra-large batch of French fries? I’ll adjust on my own so that you’ll get the results you want. Over and over and over again. Extremely efficiently. After all, that’s the point of my intelligence.


Looking to try before you buy? Attend a demo below or schedule an in-person demo at one of the many test kitchen sites in the tri-state area!

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