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The food service industry has taken quite a hit during the covid-19 pandemic, leaving many unsure of what the future will hold. We hope that everyone is healthy and trying to stay positive during these trying times. In an effort to simplify the products and services that we offer, please use this page as a resource for covid-19 food service solutions and news from the manufacturers that we represent. 




Fresh Pasta Extruder

Provide your customers with fresh pasta in a matter of minutes with Arcobaleno Pasta Extruders. A small compact unit that is perfect for completing quick takeout orders and providing delicious pasta dishes.





The FLAMBOYANT range of rotisseries have been especially designed for volume cooking with high output, speed and cooking quality. Well designed, user friendly and reliable the FLAMBOYANT is used by leading supermarkets and chain restaurants throughout the world.



LidSaver 3 Dispensers

The LidSaver 3 eliminates the messy, unsanitary, and wasteful pile of lids that you often see at quick-serve operations. The unique design of Vollrath LidSaver Dispensers prevent customers from touching more then a single lid.

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Companion Cart- Mobile Sanitizing System

The Companion Cart is a self-contained mobile cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting system. This mobile system provides the tools you need to clean and sanitize any surface or equipment.



Sanitizing Cart

Sanitize front-of-the-store- shopping carts, checkout counters, fixtures and more all in one cleaning station to keep your operation more sanitary. Lightweight and aluminum construction makes this cart easy to maneuver in store or out. 



Cocktail Tool Kits

To-go cocktails are going to be big this summer, as social distancing measures are in effect. Barfly by Mercer Cocktail tool kits provide you with all of the necessary tools to create crafty cocktails in a flash.




Safety Guards and Breath Guards

Social distancing and employee protection are more important than ever. Vollrath's line of safety and breath guards effectively provide a stylish and dependable barrier that can protect both people and food from potential contamination.

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Frozen Beverage Machines

As we head into summer, the demand for frozen drinks is on the up and up. Vollraths full line of Frozen Beverage Machines provides operators with a quick and easy solution for providing to-go frozen cocktails for their guests.



Touchless Door Openers

One of the best ways to keep staff and guests healthy is to disrupt the transmission of germs and bacteria. Vollrath's hands-free door  pulls minimize the number of contaminants that can be spread by hands consistently coming into contact with doors.



Cook and Hold Ovens

Winstons patented CVap technology provides unique food preperation for the commercial kitchen. Cook a variety of foods while the oven maintains the proper temperatures and textures. Once cooking is done the unit automatically switches to its hold feature, keeping food at perfect and safe serving temperature.



Customer Testimonial: SelfCookingCenter

BK Jani in Brooklyn, NY has been working hard to give back to those working on the front lines of the Covid crisis. In the past two weeks they have been able to provide more than 2400 meals using their SelfCookingCenter! Thank you to the BK Jani team!



Delivery Bags

As more and more companies are looking for delivery solutions, Vollrath has designed a full-line of quality delivery bags. Vollrath delivery solutions ensure food is received at the proper temperature and that presentation is maintained. 



Portable Bars

Whether you're looking to expand your current offerings, reduce crowds inside, or provide a unique experience for your guests, Vollrath has your solution. Their mobile bars are sure to be a big hit this summer and will allow operators to take their business outside.



Chef Counters

Winholt designs chef counters to meet the needs of any restaurant or restaurant chain. Maximize workflow and streamline food production with a variety of options to choose from. Customized solutions from the best in the business.



Gas Plancha

With adjustable temperatures from 150°- 650° F, the Gas Plancha is the high performance alternative to both a standard flat top griddle and a gas charbroiler. Quick heat up and recovery let you achieve the flavor profile and texture you want every time. As take-out is on the rise, it's important to have a plancha that is up to the task!

Visit our Safety Measures page for more product information

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