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Cooking in a Rotisol Rotisserie

Rotisserie, also known as spit-roasting, is a style of cooking where meat or other food items are skewered on a spit, a long solid rod used to hold food, while it's being cooked over an open flame.

Rotisserie cooking has made many appearances throughout history. In medieval times, spit-cooking was the preferred way of cooking meat in a large household. Mechanical turn-spits were later invented using various methods of mechanical operation. The term Rotisserie was coined in France, where it first appeared in Paris shops around 1450.

Since 1954, Rotisol has been crafting the world's most beautiful and efficient rotisseries from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Chelles, France. Rotisol not only continues the fine tradition of this historic and popular style of French Cooking, it has been responsible for many innovations over the years.

While many think that Rotisol Rotisseries are just for meats, they can actually be used to roast a variety of other food items, for example:

Photos below from Rotisol

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