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Everything You Need to Know About the Farm-To-Table Movement

What does Farm-To-Table mean?

Farm-to-table is a social movement which promotes serving locally sourced food at restaurants and school cafeterias that comes directly from a specific farm, without going through a store, market, or distributor along the way.

What types of products are considered "locally sourced?

While many people think that farm-to-table is strictly farm raised produce, it actually encompasses a larger variety of goods, including but not limited to products produced at wineries, breweries, ranches, and fisheries.

What are the benefits?

  • Fresh, nutritious products that come directly from the source.

  • Cuts down on chemically engineered or processed food offerings.

  • Supporting local business and farmers.

  • Boosts local economy.

The farm-to-table approach has been on the rise in recent years, making a huge mark on the food service industry.

Tri-State Marketing is making a shift towards a farm-to-table concept with our all new test kitchen. Guests can experience the wonder of working with a large variety of equipment from our innovative manufacturers, all while using natural ingredients from our on-site gardens.

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