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St. Patrick's Day Recipes with Winston Foodservice!

Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you have corned beef and cabbage, a full Irish breakfast, or traditional brown bread on your menu this March, Winston products offer ease and versatility in a commercial kitchen setting. Offering a variety of products, Winston Foodservice equipment will help to cook, braise, poach, roast, and even sous vide food with amazing precision. That means your bacon will stay crispy for that full Irish breakfast and your brown bread remains warm in a Winston CVap Holding Cabinet. Planning on sitting down to an Irish-American feast of corned beef and cabbage? The CVap Cook and Hold Oven helps to make the ideal brisket, whether you prefer it sliced, or shredded.

Pour yourself a pint of the brown stuff and read about the features that these kitchen work-horses offer below. Then, try some of our favorite recipes using Winston’s CVap Holding Cabinets, Cook and Hold Ovens, and Retherm Ovens. Slainte!

Corned beef and St. Patrick's Day goes together like peanut butter and jelly!

Check out this delicious corned beef recipe using the Winston CVap® Cook & Hold Oven

A full Irish breakfast using only Winston Cvap® equipment? Sign us up!

Check out this yummy Guiness Brown Bread recipe cooked in Winston CVap®!

For more information about Winston Foodservice, give our office a call at 914-941-1717, thank you!

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