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February Customer Spotlight, Kish-Kash NYC!

Updated: May 16, 2019

Kish-Kash, the newest concept by New York City’s leading Israeli/Middle Eastern Chef and Restaurateur, Einat Admony, opened at 455 Hudson Street on June 18, 2018. Named for the sieve traditionally used to make couscous, Kish-Kash is the first-ever couscous bar in New York City specializing in hand-rolled, hand-sieved Moroccan couscous and authentic North African Jewish cuisine. Kish-Kash is a casual dining concept with a specialized menu featuring real Moroccan couscous, braised meats, fish, salads, challah, pickled veggies, and wines from Israel and North Africa. All meat dishes are kosher. 

Boasting a large following on social media, Kish-Kash is known for their colorful dishes and even more colorful restaurant! Einat Admony, named a "fiercely determined chef" by The New York Times, grew up in Tel Aviv, worked as a cook in the Israeli Army, walked away from college after two months, roamed around Germany as a gypsy, then packed up her life to move to New York City. Now, after 20+ years in New York, Einat persists in her work and expansion with her new ventures, including Kish-Kash.  Hand rolled couscous, deemed "fine as sand" by Eater, is served fresh there every day and is a perfect example of how Einat continues to innovate and push the food scene. Kish-Kash is utilizing the Rational Selfcookingcenter Combi-Oven and steamer to help perfect their well-known couscous and give New Yorkers a taste of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine.

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