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September Customer Spotlight, Vien

​Founded in 2013, Vien is a Manhattan based, Southeast Asian casual quick-serve eatery that serves healthy, sustainable, and affordable food. Vien offers guests a make-your-own-meal setup, giving complete customization rights to the customer. With a focus on fresh ingredients and authentic tastes, Vien strives to bring vibrant colors and exotic flavors to NYC. They rely on only the best kitchen equipment to deliver consistently delicious cuisine, including their Winston Cook and Hold oven. Winston is the perfect solution for operations that need to prepare food ahead of their busy periods and then hold those foods at the optimal temperature.  The team at Vien is committed to creating delicious food that is guided by their key principles that state, “Food should be healthy and delicious, Every dish should be balanced and use only the highest-quality ingredients, Love our customers and respect our neighbors, Cultivate sustainable relationships with the local food community and our purveyors.”

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