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The Bowery Mission: A Charitable History

November 7th, 2019 marks 140 years since The Bowery Mission first opened its doors to the less fortunate in NYC. For the last 14 decades their life changing programs have assisted thousands of homeless and hungry New Yorkers break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness. Providing life transformations and compassionate care is part of The Bowery Mission’s core values and they continue this work today!

The Bowery Mission was founded in 1879 by Albert Gleason Ruliffson and his wife; it was the third rescue mission established in the United States. In 1895 the Mission was bought by Dr. Louis Klopsch, owner of the Christian Herald, to save it from economic distress, and it was formally incorporated in 1897.

After many years of providing charitable assistance and building awareness, The Bowery Mission’s Transitional Center opened with an innovative 77-bed program, funded by New York's Department of Homeless Services. The program quickly gained a reputation as one of the most effective substance abuse programs in New York City. They also put together programs to assist at-risk youth.

By 2014, the organization has become one of New York’s most respected and effective charities and, thanks to its generous friends, has grown to over 100 employees, thousands of volunteer hours and $15 million in combined revenue seeing lives changed in New York every day.

This Thanksgiving we are giving back to The Bowery Mission to thank them for their many years of service. Click here to sponsor a Thanksgiving meal for a New Yorker in need. Every little bit counts! Happy holidays

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