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A St. Patrick’s Day Treat – CVap Corned Beef!

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than with juicy corned beef over a bead of fresh crunchy cabbage? Winston has you covered, check out their recipe below for cooking the perfect corned beef in  their Cook and Hold oven!

Typically, when ordering a corned beef sandwich or a grilled Reuben, you’ll find that the beef is either shredded in texture or sliced. The team at Winston conducted tests to determine the ideal settings for both. 

The recipe is straightforward, using pickling spice and water to brine the briskets for several hours; and then cooking them in the brine.

​The brisket that was ideal for shredding was cooked in a CVap Cook/Hold Oven at 190 + 4 for 11 hours.

​The brisket that sliced beautifully was cooked in a CVap Cook/Hold Oven at 135 + 1 overnight.

Both recipes yielded a delicious end product, so it just comes down to personal preference! We hope you enjoy and have a great St. Patrick's Day 

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