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April 21st: National Tea Day!

Although tea may not be as popular in the United States as coffee, tea can have many delicious flavors and benefits to help the body inside and out!

Every year, April 21st is National Tea Day. With there being more than 3,000 varieties of teas in the world, there are also many tea brands to explore. On a fast-paced workday, not many of us in the office can spare time in the morning to prepare our tea. From the workers in our office, we have decided to share some of our favorite teas from our favorite brands!

Chamomile Herbal (left) and Dragon Pearl Jasmine (right)

"Going through aisles of tea bags, this brand caught my eye with its packaging. As I do not have much time in the morning to brew it myself, I buy teabags. I quickly boil the water and cut half a lemon for the Chamomile. For the Dragon Pearl Jasmine I simply boil the water and go. Sometimes I have one in the morning or one at night, it varies on the day and how I feel."

Jasmine Green Tea

"I have been trying to limit the amount of coffee I intake in general lately, and chose to stick to a basic Green tea. Because it is a brand I'm used to seeing I decided to try a Jasmine flavor since I read that jasmine is known to sooth the body. I get this tea ready in the morning by just boiling the water and plopping the tea bag in my cup, and drink it on the way to the office or during the day.

Brand: Tazo

Iced Passion (left) and Vanilla Caramel Chai (right)

"In general I like more wild or sweet flavors of drinks. If I need caffeine in the morning, I tend to go for the Vanilla Caramel Chai tea bags. I boil the water, dip the teabags and go. Since we usually have milk in the fridge at work, I will wait to pour my milk there or if I have time at home for it to cool a bit I'll pour some milk at home. When I'm home and not sure what to drink I prepare the Iced Passion tea bags and after everything is mixed I mix some organic lemonade with the tea and it makes for a cool spring and summer drink for one!"

What kind of tea do you like? We hope you enjoyed reading about some of our favorites, enjoy some tea today!

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