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Blast Chilling 101

What is Blast Chilling? Blast chilling is the newest and best way to keep your food fresh while helping manage waste. Basically, if you put your food into an Irinox MultiFresh (Blast Chiller), it will keep your food from oxidizing and growing bacteria, allowing you to save your food longer. If you save your uncooked food, you can cook it later, reducing waste of spoiled materials (and money!) Not only can the MultiFresh provide you with blast chilling, but it can also shock freeze your food items! By taking the heat out of your freshly cooked food as soon as possible, you are able to preserve its natural colors, textures and fragrances much longer than a traditional refrigerator. On some models, like the ICY model, there are blast chill options that can be used with different kinds of foods, because fish and mousse need to be treated differently than fatty meats and soups! Irinox has truly thought of it all with the ICY Blast Chiller, so it’s time to get it while it’s still hot! Contact our office for more information or schedule a visit to our test kitchen to see the endless benefits of choosing Irinox. 

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