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Bohemien Bar, March Customer Spotlight!

97 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11201

Meet our March Customer Spotlight, Bohemien Bar! Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Bohemien encompasses a relaxing atmosphere and a well-curated cocktail list and food menu.

Bohemien opened their doors in February of 2020, offering guests a unique sensory experience while they dine, with over 500 records on shuffle. The space was formerly known as Brooklyn’s Halcyon Record Shop making it the perfect location to house this restaurant.

At the heart of the space is a beautiful mid century-modern style horseshoe bar that serves inventive cocktails that pay homage to various cities like Tokyo and Paris. The under-bar equipment by Glastender is a true reflection of the great work that they do, providing staff with a clean and organized space to construct cocktails.

Be sure to stop in and experience all that Bohemien Bar has to offer!

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