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Brasilia by Rotisol: Small but Mighty!

The BRASILIA rotisserie is used to roast open–style “SPATCHCOCK” chickens to vary style and flavors. The rotisserie accelerates the cooking time while multiplying by 2 production, whilst keeping energy consumption at the same rate as an equivalent size rotisserie.

What other equipment do you know that cooks 27 full Spatchcock birds in 30 minutes? (that is an output of 54 chickens an hour).

Even with its small footprint (only 21 inches deep and 46" wide) it packs in 4 ceramic infrared burners at a very economic price point, delivering a short ROI for the operator.

Click the link below to learn more info on the Brasilia!

The Brasilia Rotisserie is available in a gas or electric models and they are in stock & ready to ship! Call us today to order yours at (914)941-1717!

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