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February Customer Spotlight, Arrosto Italian Rotisserie!

Meet our February Customer Spotlight, Arrosto Italian Rotisserie located in Farmingdale, NY 🍗

Arrosto is the creation of native New Yorker Ken Arnone, one of only seventy-two Certified Master Chefs in the United States. Traveling extensively throughout Italy over the past 25 years, Chef Ken discovered the secret art of spit-roasted meats cooked over an open flame. At Arrosto (Italian for roast), the secret to creating flavorful and juicy meats begins with their love and passion for cooking delicious food.

We had the pleasure of working with the team at Arrosto as they welcomed a brand new Rotisol Rotisserie and a RATIONAL Combi Oven to their kitchen lineup! Be sure to stop in and try their delicious Rotisserie style chicken, paninis, salads and more 🍽

"What’s our secret? Here’s what we can share with you: quality ingredients, 24 hour brine, dry rubs and a state of the art rotisserie that allows our meats to self-baste during cooking. "

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