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Go big with Hoshizaki's 1 ¼ ” ice cubes!

Not all ice is created equal! There is something more special about large ice cubes, and there are lot of benefits in using them too. Individual square ice cubes will melt at a slower rate, introducing less immediate water into the cocktail. The result is a more robust and flavorful drink that stays colder for a longer period of time. Large square ice cubes are also the perfect companion to Scotch & Bourbon drinks.

Did you know Hoshizaki make two different 1 ¼ inch ice cube machines? One is a self contained cuber that has its own built in bin, and the other is called a “head” because it can sit on top of various size bins. See more information about the two ice machines below:

The IM-200BAC is capable of producing approximately 188 lbs of individual large square cubes. The square cube shape melts very slowly, chilling beverages quickly with very minimal dilution. This Air-cooled, Built in Storage Bin icemaker features Up to 75 lbs of built-in storage capacity.

The IM-500SAB is capable of producing approximately 489 lbs of individual large square cubes. This Air-cooled, Stackable icemaker features the EverCheck™ digital control system with an LED display. It detects potential problems and notifies the operator before excessive maintenance or repair. This unit can be paired with various sized bins too!

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