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Happy Thanksgiving from Tri-State Marketing!

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

Check out some of our favorite holiday dishes below:

1. Cheesy Sourdough Turkeys- Both festive and delicious, this recipe is the perfect appetizer to serve your guests. Recipe by 30MinuteFoodie

2. Cheddar Gruyere Mac and Cheese- A must have side dish to compliment your Thanksgiving meal. Recipe by LemonsandZest

3. Green Bean Casserole- No Thanksgiving meal is complete without the green bean casserole. Recipe by ModernHoney

4. Brioche Stuffing- Fresh herbs and brioche make up this delicious side dish. Recipe by FromValeriesKitchen

5. Honey Butter Sweet Potato Mash- A yummy twist to serving sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving. Recipe by MustLoveGarlic

6. Classic Roast turkey- A Thanksgiving staple, the perfect roast turkey recipe. Recipe by EspressoandLime

7. Cranberry Crumb Bars- Change your dessert offerings up this Thanksgiving from the traditional apple and pumpkin pie. Recipe by KatieBirdBakes

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