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WINHOLT Equipment Lead Time and Shipment Update

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

For 75 years Winholt has been a leading USA manufacturer with a global supply chain offering innovation, experience, and quality products. Winholt, engineer’s equipment solutions to meet your requirements. The company’s products are used all over the world, by major retailers, food service, and restaurant chains.

Winholt Equipment is committed to shipping all the below items in two weeks or less! Most other items are built to order by the facility and by category with a lead time that typically ranges 4-6 weeks.

All NHPL HP models:

NHPL-1836C - Heater Proofer, Insulated (left)

NHPL-1836-ECOC - Heater Proofer, Economy (middle)

INHPL-1836C - Heater Proofer, Standard (right)

NHPL-1810-HCC - Heater Proofer, 1/2 height (left)

NHPL-1825-UNC - Heater Proofer, Universal Runner (right)

EC1840-C – Enclosed mobile transport cabinet (left)

AL-1820B – All welded pan rack, aluminum (right)

148PIB – triple ingredient bin, aluminum frame, 3 plastic bins (left)

WL-618 – six tier 3 column steel locker (right)


5 Business days from P.O:

WL-66 – six tier 1 column steel locker (left)

WL-55 – five tier 1 column locker (middle)

110 – stocking and marking cart (right)

DASQ-4-824 – economy tubular dunnage rack

PLSQ-4-1222-GY – plastic dunnage rack

300-60D/PU – U-Boat Diamond Deck

ADE1820B/KDA – Knock-down economy pan rack end loading (left)

AL-1820BKD/HD – pan rack, reinforced uprights (middle)

RDWN-1 – steel receiving desk wall mount (right)


More information about these products can be found on the Winholt Equipment website button below!

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