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January 2024 Customer Spotlight, Clifton High School!

Introducing our January Customer Spotlight, Clifton High School!

Clifton High School offers a diverse home away from home to nearly 3,000 students. Located in one of the largest, most ethnically diverse cities in the state, CHS prides itself on providing a small-town feel despite its larger size. Led by Principal Ahmad Hamdeh, the Clifton High School faculty provides solid instruction at the College Prep, Honors, AP, and college levels including 3 academies with 16 concentrations and concurrent college-level courses held both in school and on community college campuses. In addition, Clifton High School is home to over 23 varsity sports and over 65 extracurricular activities that appeal to a variety of interests. There is truly something for everyone at Clifton High School!

At the heart of every great school is the cafeteria, where young minds are nourished throughout the school day. We had the honor of working with the foodservice staff at Clifton High School as they upgraded their old café serving line to a modern Vollrath system for enhanced functionality and aesthetics. The adjustable breath guards on the Vollrath serving line provide flexibility, and the hot-to-cold drop-in feature ensures efficient food service, creating a more appealing and adaptable dining experience for students and staff.

Learn more about the possibilities with Vollrath Foodservice:

In a school cafeteria, one size never fits all. That's why Vollrath products are designed for reliability and versatility, functionality and flair. Optimizing your space and meeting your unique needs has never been more stylish.

Transform your serving area with the simple flip of a switch. Vollrath's line of combination hot/cold drop-ins provides a superior level of customization and versatility, allowing you to expand, change or rotate your menu items as often as you’d like.

Breath Guards

Vollrath's breath guards ensure superior safety and sanitation, provide excellent product visibility and fit seamlessly into your buffet set up. This extensive line offers a variety of styles, sizes and designs because all of your beautiful creations deserve to be protected.

Visit the Vollrath website here for a complete list of the school foodservice solutions that Vollrath has to offer:

For more information about getting custom Vollrath for a project, contact our office at

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