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June Customer Spotlight, Heirloom Kitchen

Heirloom Kitchen is an evolving culinary center featuring a Farm-to-Table Restaurant and Supper Club (offering weekend dinner service in an open kitchen), a recreational cooking school, and a retail boutique with a carefully curated selection of kitchenwares and table-top items. The team at Heirloom Kitchen is committed to sourcing the finest quality ingredients and creating both elevated and interactive dining experiences.

Each weekend, Heirloom Kitchen transforms into a restaurant supper club, where guests can take a seat around the table and watch as Chef Viana and his team prepare and artfully present their dishes. Chef Viana uses the Arcobaleno AEX10 Pasta Extruder to create unique and fresh pastas from scratch for his many signature pasta dishes. The AEX10 is easy to use, compact, and fits over 40 different pasta shapes.

Check out all that Heirloom Kitchen has to offer at!

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