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Low-Profile Heat Strips by Vollrath

The Vollrath® low-profile heat strip keeps all your hot food items warm. The durable construction provides maximum strength with minimal weight, while the slim design creates a clean appearance and improves visibility. This heat strip is incredibly powerful and easily maintains perfect serving temperatures. The heating element works with the reflector to provide efficient, consistent and evenly dissipated heat, and the convenient remote infinite control gives you the freedom to select the perfect setting for your needs, making this heat strip the perfect addition to any breath guard in your hot food area.

  • Slim design is 65% smaller than the original Vollrath heat strip and 19-35% smaller than the leading competitors, creating a clean appearance and improving visibility

  • Designed to maintain ideal serving temperatures for all your hot food items by providing a consistent, even blanket of heat

  • Powerful heating element maximizes heat production and efficiency and offers up to 14% more heat penetration than the leading competitive heat strips when heating a 12- x 20-inch pan

  • Reflector ensures consistent, even heat distribution to better maintain optimal food quality

  • All units come standard with strong, 3-inch mounting brackets. Optional 1- and 2-inch brackets can be purchased separately

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