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May 2023 Customer Spotlight, Empanada Mama!

Introducing our May Customer Spotlight, Empanada Mama!

Founded by Socrates Nanas, Empanada Mama was built on the goal of delivering big flavors in small packages. Their menu of more than forty empanadas stuffed and sealed with wheat- or corn-based shells is designed to hit a nostalgic nerve. Whatever flavors you like, you can find them here, wrapped in a warm, yielding pocket.

We had the pleasure of working with the team at Empanada Mama. Their state-of-the-art kitchen is now home to a Rational Combi Oven as well as an Irinox Blast Chiller!

Learn more about our manufacturers:

The iCombi Pro is the most intelligent combi-steamer. Taking up less than 1 m², it cooks a multitude of different dishes for 20 or several thousands of customers. It can prepare a wide variety of dishes - fish, meat, poultry, sides or baked goods.

The Irinox blast chiller blast chills and shock freezes food, even boiling hot food just out of the oven. The operating principle of a blast chiller consists of removing heat from food in the quickest way possible. Irinox blast chilling and shock freezing cycles are ultra rapid, preserving the fragrance, texture, colors and nutritional properties of food.

For more information about Rational or Irinox, contact our office at

914-941-1717 or info

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