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October Customer Spotlight, Think Coffee!

Making a positive impact with your purchases may not be your top priority, but this coffee company is hoping to make you think a little harder. Social Project Coffee, the sourcing model for this month’s Customer Spotlight, Think Coffee, is a coffee company that provides assistance to coffee farmers and their surrounding communities. Unlike direct trade models, Think Coffee has set up a specific sourcing model that delivers benefits through housing reconstruction, feminine hygiene, adult literacy and more! 

Think Coffee utilizes coffee farmers from 4 different countries, Mexico, Nicaragua, Ethiopia and Colombia. Using different flavors and mixes, these medium-dark coffee blends are served in various places within New York City and South Korea.

We are extremely proud to showcase Think Coffee as they use FETCO XTS Coffee Brewers to brew their beans. Make a difference in the lives of others by supporting Think Coffee products! Visit their website at

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