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The Benefits of Wood-Fired Cooking

Wood-fired ovens have been used in nearly all ancient civilizations, and continue to be a vital component to the food service industry. You can now buy combinations of wood-fired and gas or even electric ovens, but what makes a wood-fired oven so unique?

  1. Wood-fired ovens drastically reduce cook time and can produce a completely cooked pizza in about 2 minutes, versus the 20 minutes it would take to cook in a standard or convection oven.

  2. Flavor Boost. The smoky flavor from the wood enhances the taste of the pizza and can be altered based on what type of wood you choose to use.

  3. These ovens are environmentally friendly and use no gas or electricity.

  4. They allow certain foods to retain their nutrients that would otherwise be lost with longer cooking times.

  5. They are not limited to pizza. You can actually cook a multitude of other items inside of a wood-fired oven including vegetables, bread, casseroles and more!

Wood Stone Ovens offers a variety of wood-fired, gas and electric ovens. They are one of the leading stone hearth and specialty commercial cooking equipment manufacturers for the food service industry, and have been since their start in 1990. Check out the Wood Stone Story below and see how they got their start in the industry.


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