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Welcoming the Hoshizaki MODwater!

Hoshizaki has recently launched a new product called the MODwater, a powerful tabletop dispenser that provides hydration from a smaller footprint while being much more environmentally conscious. This unit effectively reduces pollution by discouraging the use of disposable plastic water bottles and jugs.

It's no secret that water has many positive benefits for the human body—hydration, healthier skin, better kidney function, weight loss to name a few. So for many, no matter what you call it… Water, Aqua, or H₂O it has become an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle. The Hoshizaki MODwater comes with a variety of water choices including cold, hot, alkaline and sparkling to meet the demands of every water drinker.

Bottled water sales have skyrocketed in the last nine years to over 400%! The average price for a bottle of water is now $1.25, growing the bottled water industry into an $18.5 billion dollar business in the United States. It's great to see so many people drinking water, however, there is a cost to the convenience of bottled water, both environmental and financial. The MODwater is here to help you ditch plastic with premium hydration, more choice, and a smaller environmental footprint.

The negative effects using bottled water can have on the environment:

- 1 Million Marine creatures killed per year from plastic waste in oceans

- Only about 23% of plastic bottles are recycled annually

- 4 Liters of water and a quarter liter of oil are used to make one plastic bottle

How Bottled Water Impacts You Personally:

- Plastic water bottles are much more expensive then using tap water

- It's estimated that $250 is spent annually per person on plastic water bottles

- Bottled water has been proven to contain harmful chemicals that leak through the plastic over time

Using the Hoshizaki MODwater replaces water bottles and water coolers that have costly delivery fees and require bottle storage. For more information, visit their website or call our office at (914) 941-1717!

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