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The Perfect Pour with Glastender

When customers come into your bar or restaurant and they order their favorite beer, taste and temperature are everything. There's nothing worse than having a long day at work, ordering a beer, and having it taste like it was made by a skunk itself. Not only is it important to have a clean draft system, but it also matters what system you have.

Things like yeast, mold, and bacteria can collect in your beer system and cause the taste and smell of the beers you pour to skunk. Cleaning your system every two weeks as well as a deep clean quarterly, can help keep up your beer's flavors, aromas, and look.

However, a clean system is no use when you don't have a good quality system. Investing in a high-quality draft system is beneficial for not only yourself but for the customers you serve.

Glastender manufactures five families of draft compatible coolers, providing 29 sizes to meet your design and capacity requirements, as well as beverage dispensing towers with up to 40 faucets. Stainless steel faucets and fittings allow for the best-tasting beers by resisting corrosion and metallic leaching.

Contact our office at (917) 941-1717 to upgrade your draft system to keep the beer and your customers flowing!

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